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“Annick’s research draws from philosophical, psychological, social, and political perspectives. Of course this is impressive, but even more so is the fact that she integrates these disparate disciplines into a coherent synthesis using contemporary metatheory. Her dissertation is also exceptionally well-written. It is academically precise, yet simultaneously manages to be lucid and readable which is a rare combination in academic works.”
Roger Walsh, Professor of Philosophy and Anthropology, University of California, Irvine, USA

Articles in academic journals

In my quest to understand the deeper causes of our environmental issues, as well as to explore new pathways for sustainable solutions, I wrote a dissertation on ‘Worldviews and the transformation to sustainable societies. An exploration of the cultural and psychological dimensions of our global environmental challenges’ (VU University Amsterdam, 2013).

You can download it here.

Most of the chapters in this dissertation have been published in different academic journals. Below is a list of my academic publications. Most of them you can (also) download at ResearchGate.