Leadership development

Leadership Decision Making Assessment

Leaders make decisions all the time—and they also determine how decisions get made by others. Good decision-making is a crucially important skill that distinguishes great leaders from average leaders. Investing in this skill pays off as it supports leaders to grow and develop. This generally results in better decisions, and better decision-making processes, on the ground.

The Lectical® Decision-Making Assessment (LDMA) has been developed by Lectica, a rigorous research organization connected to Harvard, with decades of expertise in developmental psychology, learning, leadership, and assessments. The LDMA focuses on three aspects of decision making: perspective taking, argumentation, and the decision-making process.

The aim of this assessment is to support leaders to develop their decision-making skills. That is, it is learning tool. 

When you take the assessment you are presented with a real-world workplace dilemma, followed by questions that ask you to discuss the nature of the problem, describe solutions, compare these solutions, and describe an ideal decision-making process for similar situations.

On the basis of your answers an extensive report is provided with concrete suggestions for your growth, as well as a debriefing/coaching session, in which we work on a personal development plan for your optimal growth. Lectica’s experience is that the report and coaching session together provide a learning trajectory for about up to a full year of growth and development.

Research has shown that when the LDMA is embedded in leadership programs as a learning tool, it doubles (on average) the amount of skill development that takes place. This development leads to improved decision-making on the ground and predicts similar improvements in the performance of peers and subordinates.

I’m currently being trained by Lectica in this awesome tool for leadership development and growth. From May 2017 onwards I can support you in taking the LDMA and/or using some of its foundational insights in your team or organization.