Transformation workshops

Organizations are increasingly aware of the need for societal transformation. They are therefore becoming interested in exploring what this means for their organization, its culture, and its approach to innovation.

In order to meet this need, I have developed a simple, short, highly interactive workshop (about 2 hours), in which participants learn about transformation, and explore what it means to them, as well as how it may serve them in their own life and work.

In this workshop, participants are caught up with respect to insights relevant to transformation as emerging from three newer, exciting scientific fields ~ ie., complexity science, sustainability science and positive psychology. (I wrote a chapter on this topic in the book Engaged Sustainability).

Using scientific insights, three general ‘principles of transformation’ are explained, and illustrated with real-world examples using inspiring video material.

Using dynamic, interactive methods, participants are guided to explore how they can apply these principles, and invited to engage in deeper dialogues with their colleagues about it.

It’s a fun, short workshop that may very well kickstart the process of transformation in your organization!

Thank you for your enormously inspiring workshop on sustainability transformation. The three transformation principles you explained truly opened our eyes. Impressive how you explain scientific concepts in plain language. Participants highly valued the one-on-one conversations with fellow participants on how to apply these principles in the changes they pursue. You really flourish on a stage talking about sustainability transformation. With a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm, brilliant and authentic.

Graphical representation of a transformation workshop by Aafke Frederik.

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