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“Your session was a highlight of the week for me, and truly impressive. Your synthesis of different worldviews was insightful and useful. The exercise was bold … enhancing relationships, and turning subsequent discussions in a direction that was more gentle, more receptive to diverse positions, and more likely to find common ground. I highly recommend you and your approach to groups who are seeking reconciliation and additive collective insight.”
Lee Lynd, Professor of Engineering and Biology, Dartmouth, USA

About | Annick de Witt, Ph.D


Annick de Witt (Ph.D.) is an author, change-maker, and consultant in the field of cultural transformation for global sustainability. She is also an adjunct assistant professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Annick has extensively researched the sociological, psychological, and philosophical dimensions of sustainability issues through a Masters in environmental studies (Cum Laude) and a doctoral dissertation on worldviews and sustainable transformation. Combining her research with a deep and also personal study of the conditions for, and possibilities of, inner change and transformation, she aspires to contribute to the complex and demanding transition our world is currently in. Her research has resulted in over a dozen academic publications as well as a new worldview-model and test, which are being applied in different settings, from research to education. She also wrote the popular book (in Dutch) Sustainability from the inside out (Prometheus, 2015). Annick is a passionate speaker and facilitator who enjoys supporting transformational processes in groups, and empowering organizations to enhance self-understanding, optimize communications, and foster more inclusive, creative strategy-development.

Annick lives in Zeist, the Netherlands. With her partner she is converting an old, outdated house into their sustainable paradise ~ with natural insulation, solar panels, green roofs, wood stoves, water harvesting, recycled materials, creative use of space, and a permaculture garden. She hopes to demonstrate that the green life can be as magical and beautiful as it is sustainable!

Feel free to contact her at annick@annickdewitt.com

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A simple, powerful exercise to overcome your ‘immunity to change’

People often want change, yet resist it. Psychologically this makes sense. Through a simple exercise we can overcome our ‘immunity to change.’ (6 minute read.) Have you noticed this curious phenomenon of people desperately desiring change, yet fighting it as if their life depends on keeping the status quo? You may have seen it in a loved one (it’s always easier to see this stuff in others). They want to grow, and yet when somebody points out a way they can grow, they resist, they deny, they defend; they may even get upset. You may also recognize it in yourself. [...]

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What do politics tell us about our worldviews?

Brexit, Trump, the Bernie Sanders phenomenon, and more can be explained by examining evolving categories of fundamental beliefs.  Guest blog published in Scientific American, June 28th 2016. Politics can be depressing these days, but it is also a fascinating mirror of what is going on with us humans ~ psychologically and culturally. Looking more closely, and deeply, at our political situation can tell us so much about ourselves. So that is what I tried to do, using my research into worldviews to understand better what I was seeing in the daily news. I ended up writing an op-ed piece for Scientific American, entitled [...]

Fostering worldview-sensitive communications

A new kind of messaging could make it easier for people to appreciate the enormous benefits of moving away from a meat-heavy diet. I recently wrote a guest blog for Scientific American. In this piece I argue that we need to rethink how we communicate about meat consumption reduction, which is one of the most effective ways to tackle climate change. As my own research shows, people still don't get the link between meat consumption and climate change. In order to get this message across, we need to understand the different worldviews in society. To me, this is compassion-in-action: instead [...]