On this page you’ll find my academic publications as well as information about how this work is being applied.

My publications span fields as diverse as economics, psychology, policy, religion, ethics, food, sustainability, and innovation, and can be requested on ResearchGate. Here you can also download my doctoral dissertation on ‘Worldviews and the transformation to sustainable societies’ (2013).

In this article you’ll find a good summary and synthesis of much of this work.

Worldview Test

My research resulted in a new worldview-model and Worldview Test, which are being applied in different settings globally, from research to education to organizational change.

  • Research Tools allows you to use the Worldview Test with your own study group.
  • The Worldview Journey supports you to utilize it for educational and training purposes.
  • The Culture Scan supports processes of organizational change and renewal.

This test also contributes to an ever-expanding global database on worldviews.

Academic publications

Annick’s research draws from philosophical, psychological, social, and political perspectives. Of course this is impressive, but even more so is the fact that she integrates these disparate disciplines into a coherent synthesis using contemporary metatheory. Her dissertation is also exceptionally well-written. It is academically precise, yet simultaneously manages to be lucid and readable which is a rare combination in academic works.

Global use of the worldview-model

The Worldview Test and model are, among others, being used for research into: