About Annick

Annick de Witt (Ph.D.) is a facilitator, author, researcher, and consultant in the field of cultural transformation for global sustainability.

She is also affiliated with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Annick has researched the sociological, psychological, and philosophical dimensions of environmental issues and wrote a doctoral dissertation on worldviews and sustainable transformation.

Her research resulted in over a dozen academic publications as well as a new worldview-model and test, which are being applied in different settings all over the world, from research to education.

She is also using this worldview-model as a tool for transformation in companies and organizations, and in the context of processes and campaigns for societal innovation and sustainable change.

Annick is a passionate speaker, and a skilled facilitator/moderator.

She enjoys supporting transformational processes in groups, and empowering people and organizations to enhance self-understanding, optimize communications, and foster more inclusive, creative strategy-development.

She loves working with ~ and has been trained in ~ approaches like the ‘Art of Hosting‘ and ‘Social Labs‘, which are designed and therefore particularly fit for addressing our highly complex, systemic, human-created challenges.

She wrote the popular book Sustainability from the inside out (in Dutch, published by Prometheus, 2015), which articulates a newly emerging sustainability-vision and ethic through the personal stories of pioneering leaders in the Netherlands.

Annick lives in Zeist, the Netherlands. With her partner she is converting an old, outdated house into their ‘social-ecological oasis’ ~ with solar panels, green roofs, water harvesting, recycled materials, creative use of space, and a community-maintained permaculture garden. Here she hopes to demonstrate that the green life can be as magical and beautiful as it is sustainable!

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